Logical Editor - Convert CC1 to CC11

I’m trying to get my head around the Logical editor. I have used the presets. But now I want to build my own one. I want to convert my CC1 data from a MIDI Event and copy it across to CC11.

Anyone know what parameters I need to put in the Logical Editor patch to achieve this?

So far I have

Type is a Controller, and if the condition is Equal to Controller 1 (under Parameter 1)

But I can’t quite figure out the right settings for the Action.

I see there is value, so I can set value 2 to value 1. Should I be using that. So that it takes Value 1 (being CC1 data), and then add that to Value 2? Getting little bit confused with my boolean sums, and the correct terminology.

Thanks for any help.

Here’s mine:

There’s one thing to keep in mind. If there is already data on c11, the process will combine the values, so you have to delete whats on c11 first. But I’m shure one could do a macro that does all of this

nevermind, i already had it set up as a macro:
what’s not possible here is to only select a part of cc1 to copy over, it will always select the whole thing