Logical editor (Cubase Artist)


I would like to know if the logical editor in Cubase Artist version will have some presets (like cubase before versions) and if these could be modified.

Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, there is no Project Logical Editor in Cubase Artist. This is in Cubase Pro only.

Thank you. Well, I mean MIDI Logical editor, not project Logical editor.

Thank you again.

Oh, sorry…

The (MIDI) Logical Presets are in Cubase Artist, but there is no the (MIDI) Logical Editor itself, so you cannot edit them.

Thank you very much.

And the last one I hope, is about dynamics (like p, pp, pppp, f,…) on midi editor (not score editor). Will this option available in Artist Version?

Thank you very nmuch in advance.


This pic.

I’m sorry, Articulations are not part of Cubase Artist. Cubase Pro only.