Logical Editor Enhancement

We could use a new function: invert. Use case: if we want to convert a CC value 0 to 127 into 127 to 0, we cannot do it. We can use the “mirror” function to get close, but we’re off by 1 depending upon the choice of 63 or 64 for the pivot value.

Alternately, as subtractfrom function would also do the trick.

I’ve always wanted to have a 128-step graphical table like Logic does, which could be freely drawn or load preset / calculated curves. An invert preset for this would solve your problem neatly.

Yes! An even better and more general solution than what I requested - this is something like a solution MeldaProduction would come up with - just love it! I don’t know Logic at all, but in MeldaProduction software, every time you turn around there’s a customizable graph you can use to override the default (usually linear) behavior. It is the ultimate in creating customizable responses that do exactly what you want.

+1 for enhancements for logical editor.

BluecatAudio has a plugin Plug’n Script which contains full scripting language.
I have not tried it - but assume it works - for both midi and audio.

So like transformer, but full scripting - but nobody support Steinberg midi plugin format VST MA - so have to be used like a synth in how you route things.

Over the years I have used software that has a wizard kind of approach like logical editor - but also allow access to a generated script below it - to really have all control. So once aquainted you can go for scripting instead. But that would be another feature request.

I had a look in manual - and there is subtract as well as entering negative values can also be done for an add operation.
But Mirror sounded close enough to Invert, I think, if you do an operation after that adjust the one off.
It may take a series of operations with Use Value 1 and Use Value 2.

So there might be some options for you to get that working.

Look with midi monitor plugin to see result.

Tested as below

Value 2 Mirror 64 makes value 63 to 64
so wanting 63 as pivot and make that mirrored add one line
Value 2 Subtract 1

Or you can add one first and mirror after.

So to create another CC, in my case I played with wheel CC1 and created a CC2 reversed with in 63 becomes 63
Value 1 Add 1
Value 2 Mirror 64
Value 2 Subtract 1

Function is Insert.

I did in transformer too, works well.

Mirror with 63 or with 64. Either way, you will lose a value if the incoming value is either 0 or 127. Yes, mirror gets you quite close, but it’s not exact.

The suggestion for a customizable response-transform graph is vastly superior to what I was asking anyway. I have done things in the logical editor like creating a new CC based on an incoming one where an incoming 0 thru 127 would produce an outgoing 95 thru 64. This took several operations in the logical editor, but a response graph could do it all by itself and could even have non-linear (non-straight-line) responses.

Scripting language in the logical editor would also be very powerful. This is something that has been requested before. I have a feeling the response graph would actually be a lot easier to implement. It would certainly be easier to learn.