Logical Editor: "Filter Target: Last Event", can't input note pitch (value 1) with "C3" (Only "60")

Open the logical editor and input the following condition:

Press “Enter”.

Expected: The selected value will be “60/C3”

Actual: The selected value is “3/D#-2” (Seems to be like some sort of fallback)

It does input the desired note when writing “60”, but this is uncomfortable as it requires me to remember MIDI note numbers.

What happens when you ensure that the midi event you are selecting is a note
(i.e. just selecting on parameter 1 = 60, doesn’t mean you’re just selecting note events - e.g. could be poly pressure or CC number 60 etc.


@Nico5 , you are using Input Transformer, but the question is about the Logical Editor.

But I agree, it might help to be more specific for the Filter Target. And could you share the whole window/settings, please?

Sorry - you’re right:

@Nico5 The question was about “Last Event”, and it doesn’t seem like I can check “Last Event” type - Correct me if I’m wrong. (The only options are Value 1, Value 2, MIDI Status, Channel, Event Counter)

I understand that the value might not be a note, but I still expect to be able to input a note.

You’re right - for Last Event, it seems to ignore letters and just use the numbers in your input string :disappointed:


What about to use parentheses here?

Filter Target
(( Type Is | Equal | Note ) And
( Last Event | Equal | Value 1 | 0/C-2 | And
Type Is | Equal | Note ))

Action Target


Hey, I did what you suggested:

Doesn’t seem to change anything.

It makes sense that parenthesis doesn’t matter if you’re only using AND (and associative operand), so you’re basically just repeating the same condition twice.

@Martin.Jirsak Apparently there IS a way to assert last event type, like this:

For some reason the manual is really scarce on it, but “MIDI Status” is sort of the equivalent of “type”. Where:

  • Note - 144
  • PolyPressure - 160
  • Controller - 176
  • Program Change - 192
  • After Touch - 208
  • Pitch Bend - 224

(Jumping in 16 every time, i.e. the first 4 least-significant-bits are ignored)

Please update the manual on this… I literally had to guess it.

Also note - you can input the word “Controller” or “Note” and it will find the right number. But you still can’t write “C3” (Even if you asserted that the type is indeed a note).

This is not the expected behavior and should be fixed.

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