Logical Editor Got Me Stumped

I have multiple folders each containing tracks. I would like to do the following

Using the Project Logical Editor
a. Select folders
b. Select the tracks including events within the previously selected folders

Using the Logical Editor
c. Perform an action on the tracks selected earlier

Is it necessary to separate the two functions? Can all of this be done with either the Project Logical Editor or the Logical Editor?

Is this doable? If so, please provide a detail example. I am new to the Logical Editor.


Did you catch the video by Greg Ondo yet?

What you’re trying to do may be doable by doing a Select action with a Macro, or alternatively do two different Project Logical Editor Actions: first a “Select”, and then a “Transform”.

p.s. If you put “Project Logical Editor” into your Post title it might catch more of the right forum readers.

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Thanks for the video and thanks for the suggestion!

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