Logical Editor, how create an event in position?

I like to create an CC11 Expression event [value 127] right on my position.
I havn’t found a way yet using the logical editor. There is a way to set a fixed position but not the actual position.
Any ideas or is this for a feature request ?

The Logical Editor can only insert an event if there is already an event there to trigger it (e.g. if it detects a note C3 with a velocity of 64, then Insert CC11=127 at that position… or at that position + n bars/beats).
Unfortunately, the “current Song Position” is not a qualifying event on its own :wink:.

… which drives me crazy! Both that and region start should be an option for CC creation, and the cycle an option for CC slopes with varying curves. Hey Steinberg, about that scripting support…

If you’re trying to relocate a single CC11 event, I would recommend the event editor.

Good luck

thanks guys.
I will check out “Bome’s MIDI Translator” to get it automated somehow.

I created a FEATURE REQUEST. Please vote for it.


I guess, if you keep a copy of a part (with cc11=127 in it) anywhere in the project, you could make a macro and project logical editor combo, that finds that part, copies and pastes it in your current position.

(finding that part means naming it specifically, then making a project logical editor that selects the part with that name)

This could be used as a starting point, from which a simple Logical Editor preset can do the rest…

  1. Place the Project Cursor at the desired position
  2. Open the desired MIDI Part in one of the MIDI Editors (possibly, the List Editor is best here)
  3. Using the Pencil tool, insert an event at the cursor position (it will probably default to Note_on, C3, but it doesn’t actually matter :wink: )
    All that does matter is that this newly-inserted event is the only one that is currently selected.
  4. Open the Logical Editor (and make a preset out of the following)…

Upper section…
Property___Property is set___Event is selected

Lower section…
Type___Set to fixed value___Controller
Value 1___Set to fixed value___11 (i.e. “expression”)
Value 2___Set to fixed value___127

Function = “Transform”

now if you switch from TRANSFORM to “ADD” it will create the Controller right below the note.

in addition I use in the lower field a POSITION - subtract - PPQ
This way it adds the CC11 a bit before the note.

That solves it so far.
thanks a lot :smiley:

How do you learn to create a custom preset in the logical editor? I just want a few simple ones, like add 5 velocity, subtract five etc