Logical Editor: inconsistent behaviour of numeric field when using mouse scroll wheel

The mouse scroll wheel increments (up or down) most cubase numeric fields but Parameter 2 of the Eventcounter sub-function increments by 2147615 instead (aside: is this some kind of audio sample value getting put in here??). If the field is scrolled with the arrow keys the behaviour is perfect.

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 09.39.36
This field would be expected to increment by 1’s using the mouse wheel…

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 09.51.36
… however, the first step after 0 is 2147615, then 4295230, 6442845 et al
apparently incrementing by 2147615.

Just introduced, in 11.0.41, in the same Parameter2 of the Eventcounter sub-function, the field now appears to only take a midi-note/mid-note-number value. This does not make sense as the function is purely a counter and should just be plain numeric.

Hmmh, my mouse wheel scrolls up and down by increments of 3.

EDIT: I originally thought it had to do with Windows Mouse wheel scroll settings but I tried changing that in Windows and it didn’t change accordingly.