Logical Editor: increase cc7 data by certain amount

right now my logical editor chain is:

Type Is > equal > controller
Value 1 > set to fixed value > cc7 (Main Volume)
Value 2 > add > 5

apply increases the cc volume by 5, but also deletes all other cc data and merges it into the cc7 lane.

Any ideas?


Could you send a screenshot, please? Which lines are in upper part and which lines are in bottom part? The “set to fixed Value” sounds weird to me. In upper part, it should be “Equal”.

Is the Action set to Transform?

I would expect this:
Type Is > Equal > Controller > &
Value 1> Equal > 7

Value 2 > Add > 5

Function: Transform

i’m not really sure how to add a picture, but your advice fixed it. thank you.