Logical editor - Operation arithmetic expression? [solved]

Not sure if this is a feature request or just unfamiliarity with the Logical Editor.

I am trying to change a value that is above 50 to be 3 times its amount above 50 less 1 .

Use the condition to select the type, and the value > 50, then

set x = ((x-50)*3) - 1

For value 51, substitute 2
For value 52, substitute 5
For value 53, substitute 8 … etc

Can’t seem to get that into the logical editor as an Operation. Any ideas or workarounds?


If I am understanding correctly, the following should do it (in this screenshot, I chose to apply it to note-on velocity, therefore the actions are applied to Value 2, but you could of course substitute any other parameter.) I tested with three note-ons, with velocity 51,52 and 53, respectively, and the resulting velocities indeed became 2, 5 and 8 (I hope that is what you were aiming for :wink: )…

Aha many thanks. I didn’t know the Operations were sequential like that.

Yes, it is in fact quite… errmm… logical :stuck_out_tongue: