Logical editor or macro feature

would there be possible to add a feature to the logical editor or as a macro (maybe both)
so that you could load a instrument track or audio track with the pre-gain pre-set to x +/- db

you can save a track preset with your preferences.

that’s true, but it would be very helpful if steinberg could make it possible to load instrument or audio tracks through the logical editor and have it load the track and then pull the pre-gain down/up etc
to a prefixed amount you have set

you can in fact load instrument tracks and every type of track, but no function to set the pre-gain to a prefixed amount

Yeah, but where does that path ultimately lead? I’d like to have the Pre Low Cut set and the next person might want their favorite Compressor loaded and configured a certain way & the person after that wants…

The ability to customize all of those settings and hundreds of others is the reason Track Presets were created in the first place. Although I prefer the newer “Import Tracks From Project…” which also preserves Routing unlike the Track Presets.

I’d love it if anything that could be set in Cubase had a Key Command. But until then (don’t hold your breath) Pre-gain is no more important than tons of other parameters.

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