Logical Editor: Please add a "Note Number in Chord (highest = 0)"

(This is a feature request)

The Logical Editor in Cubase has this following option:
Context Variable | Equal | Note Number In Chord (lowest = 0) |

With this option, you can select the index of a note in a chord where 0 is the lowest note, 1 is the second lowest note and so on.
I want an option to select the i-th highest note. I.e. that 0 will be the highest note, 1 will be the second highest note and so on.

Why do I need this?

I’m trying to create a macro that “roll” a chord:

For this to work well, the highest note need to stay in the same rhythmic position. This is because a rolled chord is rhythmic position is perceived by its last note (when rolling up, it’s the highest note as well)

Because I don’t know the number of notes in the chords this option is essential for consistent results.


It would have been nice if the Logical Editor would have been smarter and enable me to “save” / “read” values to use them with mathematical equations. For example - reading the number of voices in the chord would enable me to conclude that “4” is the highest note and “3” is the note below it, thus moving each note as a combination of its “note number in chord” and “total number of notes in the chords”. Some scripting language with variables, and if conditions would do very nicely. This would also enable to do some more advance stuff like doing the same “roll” but keep the rhythmic position of the chord in the middle, or doing multiple actions with one “script” (Instead of creating multiple Logical Editor presets and joining them in a macro)


I have found a workaround for this:

  • Use mirror function (Transform for value1 (pitch))
  • Move notes to create a “down” roll
  • Use the mirror again

But still, Cubase should not make me think of such dumb workarounds which are sometimes note even possible… the Logical Editor should be more flexible in the first place.


I have made this Macro some years ago. Here I posted the snipped, how to do so.