Logical Editor Question/Feature Request (Delete Duplicates)

I know this is in vain, but…

I have a situation FREQUENTLY where a MIDI part got recorded on two simultaneous channels. So you have loooong stretches of duplicate notes… the only difference between each event is the channel number.

I can find NO reliable way to automatically identify and delete them.

What I need is a Macro or LE script with the following logic

  1. Examine all MIDI events which have the same time stamp and note number.

  2. If there are matches, delete the 2nd of the pair.

Any possibility of this?

I don’t understand why you need to specifically ID the duplicates. If you are recording on Channel 1 and some (but not all) of those notes are also duplicated on Channel 2 why not just delete all the notes on Channel 2?

If there is a complication where deleting Channel 2 won’t work, how about this. Set all the notes to Channel 1 and then use the Delete Duplicates command.

So, just one scenario… I record my epic MIDI solo with 4,000 events. And then I do a few in-editor overdubs.

ONLY THEN do I realise that on the first take, all 4,000 events were recorded on two channels.

There are several scenarios where I’ve run into duplicate notes—the same event at the same position, distinguishable only by channel.

And when it happens on a MIDI part of any size it’s -ages- of work to correct. But you =have= to correct it because when there are two notes at exactly the same position, you get a cumulative velocity.

Again, why don’t you pick one of those two channels and delete all the notes on that channel? Probably the channel you did not use in the editor.

Because once you start editing you have a mish-mash of notes from both channels. If one deleted all notes from Channel 3, it would remove some notes I need.

There should be a way to truly delete ‘duplicates’… a feature that has -never- worked properly.