Logical editor question (sequencer data manipulation)

The Sequential synths output their sequencer data as follows:
Note (+Note +Note…) → NOTEOFF (CC123). I understand this is very effective internally, but Nuendo is not capable to handle this. If you look at the screenshot, you see that instead of translating the CC123 into the note’s length, the notes are being held until you stop the recording. So that the playback will fail.

Can I fix this with the Logical Editor? From a programmers point of view, this is quite trivial with the following C#/JAVA like pseudo code:
for (int i = 0; i < part.EventsCount; i++)
if( events[i].cc != 123 ) continue;
for (int i2 = 0; i2 < i; i2++)
if( events[i2].End < events[i].Start ) continue;
events[i2].End = events[i].Start;
//followed by a routine to delete all cc123 events, of course

But with the Logical Editor, I am struggling big times. How can I modify events that are NOT the found event, or is this not possible?

PS: Sorry, I failed to format the pseudo code with correct indenting.

The LE can only do operations on what it can find.

Your synth really does not send note-offs?

How did you conclude that? I ask because a quick read of one of the manuals shows that it does.

(Link to the manual quoted below)

I can’t think of a way to change the length of the notes based on the position of the cc123 messages.

Hi Steve,
thanks for looking into it!
Yes, the sequencer (not the keyboard, of course) only makes use of CC123 (ALLNOTESOFF). Ableton translates that directly into note lengths already during the recording. With Nuendo, the playback doesn’t work.
It is basically a “bug” in the Sequential REV-8/16, but also a design flaw (not a bug) in Nuendo. What I don’t understand is that the playback is messed up. From a strictly logical point of view and despite the ugly graphical representation in the Key/List Editor, it should stop all notes when CC123 is being sent. But it doesn’t: All notes are held.

Anyways, not the biggest showstopper in the world :slight_smile: