Logical Editor question

hi there ,i am trying to mute all the bass drums hits ,but only the ones that fall on the first beat of the the bar in the drum editor , yes i could have gone along and have muted them all by now, but can i make this a command in the midi logical editor. thanks.

You can do this in two steps (or eventually combine them into a macro)…
Open the MIDI Editor.
First, in the Logical Editor…
Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Note___and
Value 1 (Pitch)___Equal_C1/36 (or whatever note plays the kick)and
Position___Inside Bar Range___0
24 (or similar… use the white bar to draw the range)
Lower Section…
nothing is needed

Function = “Select”

Then, Edit menu>“Mute”.
If you wish to make a macro, you’ll first have to save the Logical Editor as a Preset.

Bookmarking as I am bound and determined to learn this.

Thanks vic_france!

Tanx Vic

thanks for your reply vic ,i don`t understand still how to use it ,i need much more info ,i have only ever used one pre-set before ,i have not ever attempted to program it , i will look on you tube for tutorials thanks anyway .

Set up your Logical Editor to look like this…
Logical Editor.jpg
Save it as a Preset (using the Logical Editor’s menu bar).

sorry vic ,i was unable to even get C1/36 command ,by default it said C-2 i could change it to C-1 because that is the kick note ,anyway i more or less had it the same as yours i pressed apply but nothing happened .i have just noticed you have yours in the key editor i was in the drum editor ,dont know if that makes a difference........ what i am trying to do is mute every 3rd 8th kick drum for the whole length of a song ., and i was wondering, if i wasnt happy with the results can i unmute the kicks even if i have closed down the program in between and would the kicks return back to there original random velocity`s, thanks

ahh! got it now ,i still needed to fill the bottom section :laughing: ok vic sorry ,you were probably out of patience by now. thanks ,i will use that as a preset.