Logical Editor : reassigning/remapping pitches for Dorico

Hi there !

So, here’s my problem : I want to create my drum parts in Dorico from imported MIDI files created in Cubase with Superior Drummer, however as expected nothing matches with pitches and Dorico’s drumkit elements.
So right now the thing I was doing was :

  • creating a new MIDI track
  • manually copy/paste from my original MIDI drum track notes/pitches to the new one then moving them to their roughly appropiate pitch that is mapped in Dorico (to make myself clearer in case : if for instance I know that in Dorico a china is associated to say D3 but in Superior Drummer it’s mapped to F#-1 I’ll copy all my D3s of my original MIDI track and move them to F#-1 in the new one so that when I export and import it in Dorico it’ll not be mapped elsewhere or even just lost, as for the sake of the experiment I exported a full chromatic scale made in Cubase, set it on channel 10 and imported it in Dorico and noticed lots of pitches were not even mapped at all to anything while several pitches were mapped to the same element… hope they’ll fix that in v4 that’s around the corner)

Anyway so is there a way to create with the logical editor a macro to automate that and if so how would you achieve that (if you could give me a small example with a couple of pitches that’d be great!) ?
Like automatically creating a new MIDI track from the one I select and remap all (well most at least) my pitches ?

I thought it’d be doable with the drum map editor but I can’t figure out how to do that so I was thinking maybe using the logical editor would be easier, maybe I’m wrong.

Thanks a lot in advance !!


You can probably do this by creating a bunch of LE Presets, but it would be kind of clunky. However Drum Maps were created specifically to solve problems like this.

Not sure what difficulties you’re encountering. I assume you are trying to use Cubase’s Drum Map capability. I use BFD3 and not SD but expect SD has similar capabilities. I wanted to have a custom Drum Map that matched some personal preferences. Rather than use a Cubase Drum Map I created a Map internal to BFD3 where I could easily remap the Notes. In SD have it map your china from F#-1 to D3.