logical editor - renaming of events

hej everybody,

recently i’m playing around with the logical editor and i’m really surprised how powerful this tool is! thanks steinberg!

but i couldn’t get the logical editor to rename a bunch of audio files with a sequence of numbers at the end.

e.g. i have a few audio samples with different names and i want them to be drum_1, drum_2, drum_3 and so on. is that possible? so i can grab these samples out of the aufio bin ready for mapping. it would save me an extra task with a renaming tool!


Don’t know if this would work, but have you tried the Project Logical Editor, it can rename stuff

yeah i meant the project logical editor :slight_smile:
it can rename tracks without problems but it seems like i’m doing something wrong with renaming events! how would you it?


Logical Editor cannot do this. Use Project Logical Editor for this. For example something like this:
Filter Target:
( Media Type is | Equal | Audio | And
Container Type Is | Equal | Part | And
Name | Contains | drum )

Action Target
Name | Generate Name | drum | 0

This will go thru all parts with name “drum”, and rename them to “drum 0”, “drum 1”, “drum 2”, etc.

Does it work to you?

thanks a lot martin! but it doesn’t work :frowning:

if i configure no action target and select as function “select” it works perfectly! but if i want to generate a name and (and of course i select transform) it does nothing …

I’m sorry, I tested in on MIDI tracks/events.

Change Parts to Events in the 2nd line: Cointainer Type is | Equal | Event

yeah now it works! but it still behaves strange…

now every event is renamed (exactly how i wanted!) BUT it still puts the original name in brackets behind it and the new name seems to have no influence on the actual file name (not in the pool, not in the audio folder -> that is the goal).

any ideas? is there a option to overwrite the old name with the new one?

Yes, this is expected behaviour. We didn’t change the name of the source file, but we changed the name of the event.

but is possible to change the file name??