Logical Editor - Select All Quarter Notes at a specific pitch?

Hiyas, as much as I enjoy clicking trillions of times, how do I create a filter in Logical Editor to select every quarter note at a specific pitch (in my case D#2)? I know how to select the pitch itself, but not every quarter note (or eighth or whatever).

Thank you very much, so much midi to edit…


Sorry, I’m not with Cubase, but it should look something like this:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note | And
Value 1 (Pitch) | Equal | D#2 | And
Length | Equal | | PPQ )

Action Target


Here’s where I’m at; it’s not selecting anything… am I missing something?

Your filter includes only notes of the exact length of a quarter note so I would presume there are no notes of that exact length.

It’s also possible that you have an object selected that contains no notes of that length, or pitch. So double check all that.

Exactly on both, I wasn’t sure how that was supposed to work… I don’t really see a way to just select the quarter notes, it looks like it’s all velocity/note related?

It works exactly literally. Since your filter does not include velocity, it’s not involved.

Please post a screen shot of the key editor, with the info line and grid visible.

Thanks again, I meant ‘Logical Editor’; not my criteria; I know I’m not looking for anything velocity related, the object definitely selects when I just look for the pitch, in this case D#2. The notes are quantified, so if I’m looking for quarter notes, they should be selected.

I understand.

Post a screenshot so one can see what you are looking at.

it’s just a bunch of drum midi; the screenshot of the filter criteria is above?

Well it’s correct, so something else is wrong.

That only affexts the starts. The problem here is the lengths.

really? you ran that and confirmed? Can you save yours as *.xml and send me the file? Mine isn’t selecting anything with that criteria… I checked, latest ver, etc…

What does the PPQ stand for?

Pulses Per Quarter note

You have not verified this:

So if the start position is not looked at. Only the length.

Thank you, that gives me enough to go on, I just need to see what the actual note lengths are, make it that… sort of an odd way to get there, but if it works, it works… Thanks again.

It’s not really odd. It’s precisely literal, which for humans isn’t “intuitive”

I mean odd, that in rather than look for the presence of a note at a specific note placement and pitch, it can only find it by length of note at a specific pitch. That’s odd. Java developer for 3 decades. This is odd logic to get there. :smiley:

The variable you set is for note length, not note placement, which Cubase calls position

Now we’re getting somewhere. How do I look for position at the quarter notes? I just wrote what the first guy offered up… lol

Okay - let’s be clear You asked about quarter notes, so @Martin.Jirsak gave you the correct literal answer, because a quarter note is defined by its length, aka its duration. So his LE preset will select all notes with a length of 120 ppq without regard to their starting positions.

Yur question turned out to actually be “how to select notes of a given pitch starting on the beat.”

So you should do: (one sec while I make a screenshot)