Logical Editor select select every 2 notes vertically?

Windows 10
Cubase Pro 11 (preferred)
Cubase Pro 12

Hi all

I have a song that is almost 9 minutes long and one Midi track, that spans the length of the whole song) has two rows of notes (horizontally).

Using the Logical Editor (unless there is a better way) I need to select every other two notes vertically.

Before asking here I naturally took to google but there scant help or information that I can find and the online Cubase help page for the Logical Editor is next to useless.

I did find a simple youtube video that provided the below but as the image shows it bizarrly selects all of the top row of midi events. I think it is some how working horizontally but I believe it needs to work vertically to achieve what I need (I may be wrong of course).

I would be grateful for any assistence as I am pulling my hair out here.

It would probably be a good idea to include the timeline in screenshots.

But I can at least say, you would probably have to use “Inside Bar Range” with a boolean OR after each line so you can select all of the upbeat notes at once.

Something like this:


Yup. I have one that selects either 1 or & of all selected notes. (Really useful for adjusting hh velocities for example). Easy enough. But need to see the timeline of OP’s scenario.


Thank you for both of your replies, I do apprecite them.

Forgive me for asking, what do you mean by timeline?

If you look through one of these, you might find something that works. The problem however might be selecting every other two notes instead of every other one note.

MetaSystem_App_Specific_Resources_v2.1(3).zip (466.2 KB)

Cubase>Logical Edit

Be aware that for some you need to highlight first. Others are written as no focus.

The preset given above works, @Greg_Purkey

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There’s a section on this in one of my past livestreams that was about the logical editors:

Might be worth a look through.

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Thank you.

Doh I really should have known that… :thinking:

Thanks for the suggestion Greg but I will pass on that.

From looking at Meta, it seems to be an app that needs installing on an iPad (My machines are windows based) and even if not, it looks like an extra layer to have running in the background when cubase is open.

I can not risk memory being taken up I am afraid but nice suggestion though.

Thanks Phil, I will have a look later as I have a session going on. :+1: :+1:

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I am not sure if the below are the timelines being refered to but the first image is of the main project window and the second is of the midi editor.

Did you open the correct folder?

Theses are just Cubase Logical Presets you copy, store and organize with all your other LE presets. They have nothing to do with Metagrid other than they are found on the Metagrid website because of Luke Johnsons participation with Metagrid. There is no extra layer of anything other than the size of each LE preset. Anyone can use them if they feel they are useful.

Hi Greg

Thank you for that clarification, much appreciated.

I have now installed the presets but as you say only one “might” be of use.

I just do not have the time or patience to test every preset, I wish there was some explantion regarding what each one does.

Still, thanks again.

Well once again, I do not know why anyone asks a question in here and it is a disgrace that Steinberg seems to point users to the forum for answers.

Thank you to the good folks who made suggestions which I appreciate but I do not have the time to try suggestions - I need a working answer.

I am not a home hobby user, my clients wont wait for an answer in a forum and I have deadlines to keep.

I asked this question 2 days ago and not a single solid answer.

It was quicker to select each midi event manually, yes it took 45 minutes but that was still quicker than waiting for an answer on here.

What really annoys me is that Steinberg has next to nothing of any use in its own help pages.

There should be an indepth, step by step, instruction guide for every feature and relying on other users to provide their customer support is cheap and shoddy and that speak volumes about the company that purchased Steinberg more than I ever could.

I spent 15 minutes of my own time figuring out what you wanted and creating an LE preset that did it. My answer was a direct solution for your question, and I tested it before posting to make sure it works.

Your own words speak volumes as well.

If you don’t have time to try the solutions provided, you should hire an assistant, or pay for a Cubase tutor.

Responding with hostile posts will not help you.

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