Logical Editor, Select Top Notes In Chord

Hi, I’m trying to set up a logical editor patch to select the top notes in a chord. In the screenshot, I have the logical editor showing how to select the bottom note, 0. You can set it to 2, and it will select 2 notes up from the bottom, but won’t select the top note in the chord if there are 4 notes in the chord, where you have a mix of 3 and 4 note chords, etc. I tried selecting soprano, but that doesn’t seem to work. Selecting highest note will select the highest note in the region, that doesn’t help me either.

Please help.



There is a build-in Logical Editor preset: Musical Context > Select Highest Pitch. Doesn’t it work to you?

No, as stated in the orignal post, “Selecting highest pitch will select the highest note in the region, that doesn’t help me either.” It doesn’t select the top notes in the chords, just the highest pitches in the midi region. So if the chord changes, and the top note of the chord is no longer the highest pitch in the region, it wont be selected.

Thanks for trying.

You are correct, notes within chords can only be selected by their relative position to the bottom note. This works fine if all the chords have the same number of notes in them but not if they don’t. I’ve never found a workaround for this. Maybe you’d want to make a feature request to be able to select relative to the top note.

I’m sorry, I always forget it works this way. :-/

I have a solution for you two years later :stuck_out_tongue:

In the logical editor, the following will get you a note within a chord which is close to what you’re after:

//////Line 1

Inside Bar Range
{select the entire bar range}

//////Line 2
Context Variable
Bigger or Equal
Note Number in Chord
2 //This selects the third note within a chord

A more complex arrangement can be structured based on the number of notes within a chord that select based on OR operators.