logical editor ? - setting dipthong note placement and len

I am trying to place vocal samples for dipthongs using logical editor.

The goal is to duplicate a vocal track, then use logical editor on the duplicate, and transform start times and length to be appropriate for a sung English diphthong. “Hey” becomes “heh”-“ee”.

A simple script to make a fixed length duplicate is easy:

(TypeIs Equal Note)

Position AddLength
Position Subtract 120 ticks (say)
Lenth Set to fixed value 120 ticks.

But I’m having trouble coming up with a version that makes a longer duplicate note for a longer original note, action something like:

Position: AddLenth
ValueX setTo Lenth
ValueX divided by 5
Position: Subtract ValueX
Lenth SetTo ValueX.

Am I missing some subtle way to do the latter?

Check out the manual, p. 871 regarding Position: Add Length

Yes, Steve, I read and used that, in the simple version. But what I want to do in the more sophisticated version is add an arithmetic value based on length to the start position … if possible.