Logical Editor to specifically delete CC1 and CC7 in one preset

I have successfully made different Logical Presets for deleting either CC1 or CC7 individually but cant seem to figure out how to make the filter look at both these CC numbers at the same time. Is there something fancy with the brackets, am I a total tart?

Im sure its simple. but apparently so am I.

Can you post a screenshot of your attempt so we can see what might need changing.

This seems to work?

Yeah, that works. Not sure I understand what your question is now.

yup. I’m a tart, the Bool was on And. Needs to be on Or. Thanks for the screenshot!

Yeah, having the various criteria stacked in a list can make it hard to see the relationships between the parens & the AND/OR elements. I find it is sometimes helpful to write out the logic a a single line that’s easier to read
e.g. Data is a Controller AND (value is 1 OR value is 7)