Logical Editor Transpose

I am attempting to use the logical editor to transpose all of the notes below a specified value up by an octave. However, when I try to set parameter 1 in the action target to 12, it is changed to 1. Is there a different way to achieve this transpose?

(And yes I realize I can achieve the same thing using MIDI modifiers. However, I need batch transposition, not real time.)

Something’s wrong as you should be able to do that. Attached is what you are trying to do and it works fine for me. I’d suggest submitting a support request at mysteinberg. Have you tried deleting the preset and building it new from scratch? I once had one that just didn’t function until I re-did it.

As it turned out all I had to do was delete and re-add a new action target. I may have created these presets using 7.5.0. As I’ve already figured out there were a lot of problems in that release. I’ve now upgraded to 7.5.2. Thanks for your help.