Logical editor Velocity multiple events

Hello everyone i want to achieve the following.

Image i have a track with a drums VSTi. Along the way i decide i want to change the velocity of all hihats ( for example) but i made multiple events, different sections.
One simple way would be gluing them to work my note to the new desired velocity but, what is the best way to achieve this without gluing all the events on that track and using the logical editor (or another method).
I tried various approaches without success.
Thanks in advanced.

Post exactly what you tried in the Logical Editor, so people can see it and not waste your time with stuff you already did.

This could be as trivial as opening all midi parts to be modified, selecting the notes and doing “For all selected events that are Notes, modify Value 2”

Type :: is equal to :: Note
Property :: equals :: Selected

Value 2 :: Add :: <value>

Thanks for your reply.
I tried it already, is not what i am looking for
Lets say i only want to change the velocity values of C3 for all selected events.

Then you would specify
Value 1 equals C3/60 in an additional Filter Target line.

But the thing is it makes only for the event im in, not all in the track, they are different events.
Did you manage to make it ?

Ok, i found a very easy way of achieving this.
In the track i want to change the velocity for a particular note , i open the in-place editor (CTRL+SHIFT+i) , select all notes and use the top bar to change velocity for all notes!
Hope it helps others too.

By selecting all the midi parts and opening them all in the editor.

As you see there are multiple ways to to achieve a given task in Cubase. One of the program’s many strengths.

You don’t even need to open them in the editor. Just select the MIDI Part(s) in the Project window and you can run the LE on the MIDI Data in the Part. Of course if the LE Preset is written to only work on selected Notes that might cause you to open in the editor to select some Notes.

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LE ?
maybe im not aware of that function, could you elaborate pls?

Oh sorry - the Logical Editor is often shortened to LE on the forum.

Oh ok heheh! of course!

Almost every time I see a subject line about Cubase LE, for a moment I think the post is in French

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I think the in place will be fine for me.
Thanks everyone for the help.
All the best.