Logical Presets were grayed out - Now fixed - Is there anything else I should fix and how?


I had the ‘Logical Presets’ grayed out and not functioning but I found a solution to the problem from this forum. (copy: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 11\Presets to: %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\Presets) Now I can access the Logical Presets.

But since there are also a lots of other functions grayed out too in the Cubase (11 pro) menus and I’m new to this and the Cubase manual is over 1000 pages long and I can’t check everything, so now I want to ask… what else there might not be functioning? And how to fix them? Copy what to where? (I’m aware that you have to make some selections/actions before you can have access to some of the functions in Cubase and that’s why there are so many grayed out menu items if you haven’t selected anything/made any pre-actions)

But what I mean, if this seems to be a common problem… I want to ask → Are there other similar issues which usually comes along at the same time with this? And the fixes?

I had the trial version of Cubase 11 Pro installed before I bought the Artist version and which I changed to full Cubase 11 Pro-version with your eLicenser Control Center. (this all was in July)
I wonder might this be the cause for the problem I described above and would it help if I made full re-installation of Cubase 11 Pro now?

When you have just purchased this kind of high-end program it is really frustrating to not to know if it is fully functional. :confused:

No it’s not a normal problem. If they’re greyed out it’s either because they’re not accessible at that time (for various reasons) or there is indeed something wrong.
If you could list some of the items that are greyed out we can probably tell you which one of these two it is.
The program for Cubase Pro and Artist is exactly the same, the license just determines what is accessible so this shouldn’t be an issue. If the items are options which are only available in Pro then maybe it is however. Does your license now say “Pro”?

“” No it’s not a normal problem. “”

Well, to me it looks like so because I found people asking the same thing in here and that’s why I found the solution to the problem. See for example this:

“” If they’re greyed out it’s either because they’re not accessible at that time (for various reasons) or there is indeed something wrong. “”

Well at least it’s not because I had not selected any midi notes, I had selected bunch of midi notes and the Logical Presets were still not accessible, the function was grayed out. The Preset folder that can be found behind AppData folder was almost empty and the other Presets folder had lots of things… so I copied the stuff to that ‘almost empty Preset folder’, as adviced in here, and after that when I opened Cubase again, then the Logical Presets were accessible.

Why did I have to copy by myself the missing Presets to that other Presets folder that can be found behind AppData -folder? Why weren’t those there in the first place? Is there other stuff like this that I need to worry?

“” Does your license now say “Pro”? “”


ps. the quotes got messed up, so I edited it like that, on bold, sorry!

Regardless, of the version, this is a good thing to print.

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I’m glad you sorted it out.