LogicalEd: how to create Exp.127 on each event beginning?

I almost everytime set my expression to 127 on each new event-block.
I like to automate this using the logical editor or macro.
Any ideas?


Unfortunately I don’t think this is possible. In the Logical Editor, you can’t define the beginning of the MIDI Part as a point, where should be the MIDI Message inserted.

well the beginning would be the beginning of an event. So every “block” I create needs the CC
I cant use the logical editor to create a CC on my playing position either?

The limitation is that the LE can’t create a new event, it can only do actions on existing events.


Logical Editor can create a new events (Function: Insert or Insert Exclusive), but the new event has to be based on another event (for example at the same time as other event).

ah, ok.
thanks for clearing that. I will put it in the FEATURE WISH folder then :slight_smile:

Place a midi region at at Bar 1 with all the settings you want. Cubase will look backward to see the last midi CC data and constantly read that until it sees something else. In our template we have a MIDI “header” for each track that has CC11 at 127 and CC64 at 0 and five or so other CC’s to set various attributes. That should work.


Make sure MIDI Chase event is enabled (which is the case by default setup) to make it work this way.

Of course you have to copy this reset MIDI events set to every single new track manually. And be aware it doesn’t exist at the beginning of every MIDI Part but at the beginning of every MIDI Track.

thanks I already have these MIDI “starters” but I wanted to make sure I have an EXPRESSION=127 on every new created event block since I use the CC quite a lot and loose track of where the CC ended on the block before. Simple as that.

Have you checked to see if the MIDI insert “MIDI Control” would accomplish this (with chase active)?

Steve, you mean in the LOGICAL EDITOR or where?

The midi insert.

Sorry STEVE you throw in too less info. can you please be more explicit where to find the MIDI INSERT option?

Sorry if it wasn’t clear It’s in the MIDI or Instrument track inspector, the tab labeled MIDI Inserts.

See gif attached:


This would send MIDI CC11 value 127 anytime when you:

  • Stop playback or
  • Move the mouse cursor to a new position.

Btw, here is MIDI Control manual description.

awesome, thanks for the tip.
Further question. I now have a MIDI INSERT and I could copy it to all MIDI lanes.
Instead I like to adjust the MIDI CCs for a whole group of instruments at once. Is that achievable?

In my case I have 3 CCs to adjust the MIC positions of my Spitfire library. I like to change the MICs for the whole brass group at once.
How could I do that? I kind of need to link the instruments CCs


To send the same CCs to multiple destinations, you can use MIDI Sends. But these are not part of Instrument Track. MIDI Tracks only. Moreover there are only 4 MIDI Sends.