Logidy umi3 and positive grid bias fx


And sorry if this is in the wrong section. I’ve been battling with this issue for the whole day and haven’t got around to get the logidy umi3 MIDI pedal to work with bias fx vst plugin. The MIDI signal from the pedal goes to cubase but i can’t get it to work with the bias fx. I’ve done fiddling around in the “Device setup” under “vst quick controls”, but i have no idea what to do there. I’ve assigned the “QuickControl 1” and “QuickControl 2” and “QuickControl 3” with the corresponding addresses. When I go to select the track that has the Bias FX VST plugin, there is no option for the Quick controls in the “inspector” tab.

Could someone help me out and lay down a very simple instructions on how to get the logidy to work with the VST effect plugin? I’m all too confused by reading instructions that vaguely has something to do with my issue. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

What kind of track is it, where the Bias FX VST lives? Is it an Audio track, or Group, FX…?

In general, you should be able to control it. Once you open the QuickControls tab, you can click to Learn button. Then select the Quick Control slot, where you want to assign the parameter, and then move the parameter from the GUI. Now it’s assigned on the track.

The track is an Audio track. I have my guitar plugged in. I’ve done the Learn-thing. I just don’t know where to select the Quick control slot and how to assign it on the track. Thanks for the reply!

If you cannot see the Quick Controls tab in the Inspector, right-click to the inspector and enable it.

Right-clicking pops up the tool-menu and in the audio track inspector settings, there’s no Quick controls tab to enable.


Click to any tab in the Inspector, not under the tabs, please.

Yea. No such thing there as “Quick controls”

Check out the gif below.


No such option there. Could the problem be that I’m halfway thru my trial period and the trial version doesn’t have that option. I’m currently testing if i shoul buy the product.


Trial version is exactly the same, as the full version. Could you send a screenshot, please?

Here you go:


Edit. Here is also a screenshoit of the device menu:


OK, you are on Cubase Elements. I cannot have a look on this derivative right now, sorry. I will check this on Monday.

Btw, I wonder, what Trial version do you have? There is no Cubase 9 (any derivative) Trial yet.

I installed Cubase 9 Elements, and I can confirm, the Quick Controls is not available.

This is most probably the smaller derivative restriction. You can use 8 predefines Quick Control only in Cubase Elements. The tab is not mentioned even in the Operation Manual of Cubase Elements.