"Login Failed" Alert

this week i purchased 2 Vst connect pro. one for my studio and one for my home studio.
i have 2 steinberg accounts, when i connect from my studio i can log in to vst connect pro(and performer) with both accounts
but when i try to connect from my home its says “Login failed”
i disconnected the windows firewall to test,but it still says login failed.
what can i check more ? maybe need to check my home router? (at home i use Wifi currently, at the studio with Lan cable)
(in the studio i use Nuendo 10,at home cubase 10.5 if thats matter !)

The “Login failed” message box shows additional text that helps us to narrow the cause. What exactly is the entire message ?
Also make sure to have the latest versions (at the time of this writing, 4.0.44) which you can find here (along with useful tips):

the message box

Does the problem still persist with version 4.0.44?
The message indicates that there is no connection to the server at all. Can you log in to your my Steinberg account in a browser on the failing system?

yes it is version 4.0.44
i can log to my steinberg from the failing system
can be a router setting blocking it? maybe port forwarding needed to be set in the router ?

no port forwarding will help, this is about the my Steinberg login.
I must admit I’m a bit clueless. The only problems like this was when the user name had special characters such as ampersand (’&’). But as you say this happens with 2 accounts I assume that not both have such…or?

no special characters in both user names
also both user names can log in from my studio.
at home studio where’s the login problem.i use laptop with Wifi.
ill try to dig at it at the weekend to see whats going on !