Logistics of selling Nuendo license and upgradability.

The facility I was working for used Nuendo and to help negate the learning curve I dropped PT at home and purchased a Nuendo 3 educational license for personal use. I have since upgraded to Nuendo 4. I no longer work with Nuendo at work and it is rather pricey and unnecessary for me to continue the upgrade path when Cubase is more than enough for me. Unfortunately Steinberg won’t allow me to crossgrade (downgrade?) to Cubase 6 from Nuendo 4. Frustrating, I know this isn’t the norm but doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t take much effort on their part to make happen and it wouldn’t cause them to lose money. I digress…

My question, is it possible to sell my Nuendo 4 license that was once Nuendo 3 educational to someone and them in turn be able to upgrade it to Nuendo 5?

Thanks for any help, always appreciated,

Yes. You will have to contact Steinberg to remove the license from your mysteinberg account so the buyer can register it.

After you sell your licence you wont be able to upgrade the none - you will need to buy the software :wink:

If its cubase you want - sell old licence and buy it.
If Nuendo - keep old licence and make an upgrade :smiley: