Long boot time

All off a sudden cubase 6,latest update takes longer to boot up.could take up to 2 mins.
nothing has changed as far as plugins go,so why would it be taking longer? anyone else get this?

Where does it spend the most time? Mine takes about 30sec, if you mean running without opening a project. Nothing compared to the 3-4min it takes to open a project.

My cubase 6 (64 bit) sits on ‘midi’ for about 30 secs before continuing… whole boot takes around 50 seconds for any empty project!

opening some projects can take 3/4 mins depending on how many samples are in the project!

but it seems strange that you have not changed anything and suddenly you are experiencing longer boot times!

Mine also spends huge time in MIDI when booting. I wonder why?

mine spends the time on vst instruments.i might have added 3 or 4,but surely that should not make much difference.

You could try excluding those VSTi’s that you recently added and see if the boot time returns to your old, faster, case. At least, then, you would have identified the reason for the increased boot time.
Just an idea.
EDIT: I would say there is probably nothing wrong. You added some VSTi’s and it takes longer to boot (pausing longer on the VSTi’s). As long as everything still loads and works, there is probably nothing to be concerned about. Granted, waiting longer is cumbersome, but who knows what Cubase is doing when it scans all those .dll files.