Long cubase startup

I have searced the forum and tried the solutions to similar issues. None have worked for me.

I have cubase 10 on a decent win 10 computer. Audio interface is UAD Apollo FW.

Intel i7 4GHz
Win, Cubase and plugins installed on SSD HDD.

For a long time cubase have been taken extremely long to start up. Mostly during initializing vst2.x plugin manager. I suspect it has got something to do with loading/scanning the uad plugins. Recently it have been taken over 10 minutes.

I have a macbook pro with pretty much the same setup and cubase starts within a minute. My win pc is much better specced.


Try moving all your plugins (except VST 3) into the same directory, specifically: Program Files -> Steinberg -> VSTPlugins. Then remove the other directories (except the one for VST3) via the plugin manager. I had the same issue, and that seemed to do the trick.

But be aware that you may have issues with NI stuff if you don’t take the proper steps. Read this first: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005719829-Moving-a-Native-Instruments-Product-to-Another-Location-on-Your-Computer-

It is really slow. And it does not use much cpu or io. It need to be parallelized. (Will give a factor 4-32 depending your cpu count in start up time)

I don’t understand your response. Did you try what I suggested?

Hi! I haven’t responded yet:p I will try your solution and post the result when I have tried it :slight_smile:

Sorry Daniel, my comment was directed at the user name “cubace”. Let me know how it goes.