Long Fall


How can you put a long fall on the note (see picture). Standard you see a short wavy line.

You can use the wiggly fall from the Jazz Articulations panel and change its length and angle in Engrave mode.

ok, but what if you need a short fall and a long fall in the same pieces? With engrave mode isn’t it that it changes all the wiggly lines?

No, you can just grab the right-hand end of any fall and adjust it as you like.

Ah, stupid I was on the wrong track, sorry. thnx!

As a feature request, it would be great if there could be a Properties setting to have any modifications to a fall be ignored by the spacing algorithm. Longer falls frequently are notated crossing into the next bar like this, since that’s the way they are played:

Because Dorico includes it in the spacing I get this:

Thanks for considering!

+1 for ornaments (some) to have the ability to cross barlines.

In Tango music there is an “ornament” called arrastre (drag) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SbLF6yQwew, it is usually written similar to a lift-in, but the lift/gliss line begins often in the previous bar and cross the barline. I’ve made an example using a playing technique in the first system and a line in the second system (see attached), neither of both is for me an optimal solution, the playing technique appearance can not be modified and the lines must be enter once at a time.
So please allow the lift-in ornaments to cross the barline or “create” an arrastre ornament if possible.

Thanks a lot for considering.

Arrastre.zip (558 KB)

+1 for the possibility for falls to cross the barline!