Long latency comes and disappears on a MacBook

I have Cubase AI 8 on my MacBook Pro. This is not my musical machine so it only has built-in audio but I occasionally use it when I am away. On this machine I only use Halion SE instruments and until yesterday I never had problems with latency when playing from a USB MIDI keyboard.

But yesterday it was hardly usable. The sound from a Halion piano came with ca. 1 second latency after notes were played on a keyboard. Restarting Cubase didn’t help.

When I came home I made a new try, and suddenly everything worked fine. No latency at all. I didn’t restart machine, just restarted Cubase one more time.

This is quite frightening because I don’t know what cause this behavior and am afraid it can happen again at any time. Does anyone know what could cause such sudden latency problem?

Thanks in advance



Did you check the latency displayed in the VST Connections > Devices Setup > VST Audio System.

Did you check Buffer Size?

Yes I did check latency values and it looked horrible and meaningless. About 13 seconds (13000 ms!) in and 22 seconds out. Which doesn’t make any sense to me. With such latency I shouldn’t be able to play anything. But I usually play Halion instruments without any noticeable latency at all. I also use Ableton Live on the same machine, never had any latency.

Don’t remember buffer size (not at the machine right now), but out of my head it was about 200+.

The machine is MacBook Pro with Intel i7. Pretty fast machine.