Long Non-Adjacent Stave Selections

Hi all,

I haven’t found a way yet to select multiple non-adjacent staves that span long distances reliably yet. I was wondering if I’m missing something here? For instance, I’d like to select a 64-bar violin 1 passage and also viola, but without selecting violin 2.

I can click on the first note of violin 1, then cmd-click on the viola part, and use my select to end of system / end of flow shortcuts, but I don’t want to select only one system, or the entire flow. If I use shift-right-arrow-key it will continue with my selection for these selected staves only, but will select the violin 2 part as well. I can make a selection of violin 1 with the mouse marquee tool, then hold cmd and select the viola part - exactly what I want! However, this isn’t really practical for selecting very long passages spanning multiple pages… Galley view is an option but seems like a bit of workaround.

Is there a way to click on the first violin 1 note, hold shift, select the last violin 1 note I want in my selection, and then ‘adding’ other non-adjacent staves between the same selection by holding some sort of modifier and clicking on the other staves?



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I’m pretty sure there isn’t a quicker way than the one you’ve found, short of adding an interim layout that only contains the staves you actually want, or possibly using the new Manual Staff Visibility function.

try to make multiple selection from the key editor and then apply all the changes within the score.
(it works better with multiple monitors)

let me know…

Thanks for getting back to me guys - that’s a shame, I was hoping there was a secret shortcut I was missing!

It does indeed work if I make the selection with play mode, then switch back to the score, but again seems like a bit of a workaround. It would be really great if there was a way to do this sort of selection with a simple modifier of some kind, rather than having to set up a separate layout / hide staves every time it was necessary. For now, I’ll use the play-mode selection switching workaround you’ve suggested.

Here is a way to do it
Note that you have to select the first note again with Ctrl/Cmd.

Thanks Asacius. Whist this does seem to sort of work (good find!) I must admit it’s rather fiddly, and only work in situations where staves are 1 stave apart (my original violin / viola example was just to illustrate my point).

I can’t see this method working if I wanted to select, say, Horn 1 and 4. Or, more extreme, Horns 1, 2, Bass Trombone, and Cello for an extended section…

they certainly need to implement the most intuitive way: Select something with Shift, Select Note in another System with Ctrl, and then you can expand from that note again with shift. I think its the way it works in Sibelius, though I don’t own it.
A super fast way would be introduction of a selection popover. You can type in “16-64;Vl.1,Viola” (or refering to the stave through its number counted from the top “16-64;1,3” in small orchestrations)
This would also enhance speed of 1-Stave-selections that are very long (but not til the end), because scrolling takes so much time. So in that case one could select the note and type “+128”

For the scrolling part, keep in mind that you can add a duplicate tabbed window and, using Vertical Split, for instance, select measure 3 in your left tabbed window and measure 67 in your right tabbed window. This prevent a lot of scrolling for future copy operations of additional material within a span of music. Gallery view is your friend here as well!

Another way to do this is to temporarily change the order of staves in Setup Mode or do a duplicate “Working” Full Score layout with staves rearranged, similar to Leo’s advice.

Thank you for your tip musicmaven, didn’t know that one! :slight_smile: