Long notes across barline

In some Modernist works, and especially in the work of the composer I engrave for, the old convention of splitting long notes into individual bars with ties is discarded, and the single long note is written. There is a Modernist view that this is actually clearer, so it is not a strange thing to want to do, ‘correct’ or not. So, referring to the image here, Is it possible in Dorico to make these four A’s into one whole note spanning the bars?

long note across barline

I can’t temporarily change the time signature as the barlines are being repurposed as beatlines, also important in this type of New Complexity School music I engrave.

Make a “4:4q” tuplet, then switch on the Spans barline property and hide the number and bracket. With Chord mode on you can then copy this tuplet over existing notes if you want to reuse it.

edit: Of course, you can make up similar “identity tuplets” for other note values as well.
Also curious: what’s the modernist view on notes of e.g. 5 beats in duration?

Should just like to point out that in baroque manuscripts (Kuhnau Tristis est anima mea springs to mind) it was common practice to have a dotted rhythm cross a bar line without breaking it up. Not the first and only thing modernism took away from the parallel progression in medievalism… (sorry - not helpful I know)