Long save times on big projects hinders creativity and speed

One of those huge projects… The autosave time comes and when you are just about to do something, the saving begins, the cursor turns to hourglass, and you wait for upto 4-5 secs. Maybe not much you’d say, but that’s enough time to kill creativity.

If Cubase could save on a separate thread, so the “hourglass” cursor would not happen, and the user can continue working.

Right now this is my #1 problem working with big orchestral projects.

It’s 2018 and still you have to deal with that hourglass thing that stops you!!

If you experience the same problem and it bothers you, please +1 this thread, so that it gets attention.

Thank you.

Edit : Mac users, do you have this also?

Does anyone experience the same issue? Or is something wrong with my system? Comments appreciated.

Yes, it’s been reported for years now. It’s a very major issue that puts the hammer on workflow. When I’ve done similarly-sized projects on Pro Tools with generally the same amount of kinds instruments, etc., the save time is very quick, but on Cubase quite slow.

I would also put this in the Issues forum, because it’s something that happens in Cubase and not the other DAWs I’ve used or trie d(Pro Tools, Studio One, Reaper) – it’s an issue, for sure.