Long-standing issue with "Screaming Rock Organ" vibrato in HALion Sonic


I’ve worked on a few projects in Dorico that called for Hammond organs, and I’ve landed on the “Screaming Rock Organ” sample as my favorite. However, every time I open up a project that uses this instrument, the vibrato is disabled and I have to reset it by turning the “Vibrato Bypass” dial all the way to the right and then all the way back to the left; it’s never kept the vibrato enabled after closing and opening my files.

I have never found a workaround for this bug. Has anyone else experienced this?


When you save a project, Dorico saves the state of all the VST plug-ins in the project, and when you reload it, it restores the saved state exactly. It can’t manipulate any of the individual settings within the loaded sounds. So this sounds to me like an issue either with HALion Sonic or with that specific patch itself.

However, I’ve not been able to reproduce it. If I assign Screaming Rock Organ to an instrument and dial the Vibrato Bypass dial all the way to the left so I can hear the vibrato, then save, close, and reload the project, when I reopen the project, Vibrato Bypass is indeed still dialed all the way to zero, and I can hear the vibrato, as expected.

I was able to consistently reproduce it by reloading the sample while my project is still open:

Right, but that’s not what you reported in your first post, unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick? Your original report wasn’t that you were reloading the patch, just reloading the project.

Oh right, I should have explained this with my recent post: for some reason, I wasn’t able to consistently reproduce this bug with the steps I listed in the OP today; it was happening intermittently while recording, which – to my memory – hasn’t been the case in the past? I wasn’t sure if I misunderstood the scenario(s) where I encounter this problem, whether vibrato was weirdly disabled after simply reopening my project or closing Dorico completely before reopening, but I did stumble upon consistently reproducing the disabled vibrato when reloading the sample.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would think this would be connected to this issue I’ve had where I’ve reopened a project and the vibrato is missing?

I can’t say for sure, since I don’t know exactly what HALion Sonic does when loading a patch via MediaBay versus restoring its saved state.

Understood. May I ask if you’re able to reproduce this bug on your end when reloading the sample?

No, when I load or reload the Screaming Rock Organ patch via MediaBay, it always loads with the Vibrato Bypass quick control dialed all the way up to the right, so there is no vibrato by default. If I dial it down to the left, I can hear the vibrato as expected, because it’s no longer bypassed. If I reload the patch, it returns to its default state, i.e. Vibrato Bypass is set all the way to the right again, and there’s no vibrato. However, if I save the project having dialed it all the way to the left, close, and reopen it, the dial is restored at the value I last left it at, i.e. all the way to the left, and I hear vibrato, as expected.

Ah, I had forgotten the sample has vibrato disabled by default, which is why I saved a preset; does this issue occur on your end with a preset enabling vibrato by default?

And you repeatedly called this a ‘bug’. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Excuse me…? I don’t understand what I said undermined this being an issue I’ve experienced; I made a preset of the Screaming Rock Organ sample, but its vibrato has routinely turned off even when the Vibrato Bypass dial indicated it should be enabled.

I don’t appreciate you mocking me. :frowning:

Your issue appears to be with Halion, not Dorico. Would your question be better asked on the VST Forum?

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Ah, that’s a good point; I’ve never been to the HALion forums, so this was force of habit.