Long time bug all versions - filenames when bouncing events

Hi there,

well, I post here, though the screendump is from C5.5, but I have it in N2, N3, N4 as well as I am most sure that this is the same in N5 :slight_smile:

Ok - so lets say I have 10 sections (for example individual songs) in one project. I do editing, recording etc - in the end I am bouncing files - “selection as file” (don’t know how it is called in english version) - using the region tool or just selecting the events with the mouse.

First file is named “nameoftrack”
Second file is named “nameoftrack-01”
Third file… well… Sometimes “nameoftrack-02”… If the trackname features a Number - not very unusual situation, for example “snare_topSM57” - then the file is named “snare_topSM57-58”.
When I continue the names are going completely funky - SM57-254 or what else…

I posted that 5 years ago, and this is not a showstopper though this is annoying me permanently - not much though… Why is this still not solved? I would prefer a “clean” naming scheme - so that I have files going from 01 to 10 or what else the count of songs is… Combined with Broadcast options this would enable one to reconstruct a song even in 100 years, without Nuendo, just using filenames and time-position.

And it would look better :slight_smile:

So - why is this “bug” still around?