Long time no post 12 got me out of the woodwork

I have 10.5 that I haven’t used in forever, so complete removal be good idea?

Maybe remove 10 and install 12 demo.

The remote midi has me hoping for a lot of things with my roli blocks.

I should be able to check out the functionality of how Roli works with cubase now.

Any info appreciated, Thanks

No, not in my opinion.

I suppose you could remove 10 if you have 10.5 still installed. But, why, I don’t know …

There is no 12 demo at this time.

You’re welcome.

Tacman 7, are your refering to a Roland keyboard MIDI problem?

No the seaboard block, been learning how to use it. I can’t get the little blocks to work.

I forgot this is an upgrade I’m talking about, have to have old one installed.

I was thinking of a clean install