Long wait times while C6 scans my system...


I’ve had this problem for a while and have lived with it, but I’m sure it’s something simple to fix… I’m on C6.0.6 on an Intel Mac Pro 3.33GHz 10.6.8 16GB.

What’s happening is when I’m executing a command such as ‘Import Audio’ or ‘Back Up Project’ or ‘Export Selected Tracks’ - anything where Cubase ‘looks’ at all the drives and volumes before opening a system browser window, I’m having these long pauses which can be really annoying (depending on the amount of drives and volumes on my system).

Anyone have any insight as to whether this is a mac issue or a Cubase issue please? I’m guessing it’s a Cubase thing as I don’t get this with any other app or when using the OS.



Try to trash the preferences. You will find, this is problem of Cubase, or of the system. And try to make Repair Disk Permissions from the Disk Utilities.


Thanks - will give it a try…


I repaired Disk Permissions and things seem to be a fair bit snappier… great stuff.
If I open more drives/servers/volumes then I still notice the OS browsers opening a little slower
but all in all it seems much better.

Many thanks again,