Longa rest?

This is renaissance music (4/2 displayed as Cut C)
How can I make that bar rest show as a Longa rest?
Force duration and explicit rest displays as shown.

I think you mean a breve rest? Go to Notation Options > Rests > Bar Rests.

Thank you, yes, I mean breve rest

Andrew, how does your example look now with the breve rest?


Thanks Andrew, lovely! I think, I might have to redact some of my transcripts with 4/2 or Cut C meter…

And the great thing about Dorico is that it uses breve rests for appropriate metres, such as 4/2, 3/1, etc; but smaller metres like 3/2, 4/4, 3/8 etc still retain the standard semibreve bar rest.

My previous brand could only change the default bar rest for the entire document; the alternative being manually adding “explicit” rests, and centring them manually… :roll_eyes:

One other new text token I should like to suggest:-
That unspecified clef would actually mean the clef (or initial clef) of the layout to which it applies,
Useful when alternative layouts are made for different instruments with differing clef conventions.

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