Longer kick with timestretching?

Is there a good way to make a audio kick a bit longer by timestretching it in cubase?

Depends on the type of kick - but you could use:

Sizing applies timestretch select tool on the main page.
Audio Warp
You could try increasing the release tail using the envelope shaper


Just note that stretching the whole sound will also change the felt attack and timing.
Depends how much you stretch.
Audio warp may be best.
Let the initial hit be, and stretch the later part of the hit

You can always add some sustain using a transient designer (elysia nvelope for example). Time stretching audio changes its audio characteristics, but you can do it by using the stretch tool in Cubase. Changing the stretch algorithm can have different results.
Check here: https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro/v11/en/search.html?searchQuery=time+stretch

I tried Sizing applies timestretch it gave me the right length but it did change the sound to much.
I will try audiowarp and the other options you mentioned. Thank you all for your help!

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You could try stacking both sounds, so you have the attack and body of one and the decay/sustain of the other.
I , and many others, tend to stack drum sounds for this very reason.

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Another trick is to Split the Kick’s Audio right after the attack. Then use Sizing Applies Timestretch to lengthen the 2nd end section while leaving the initial attack unmodified.

While not necessary the 2 Audio Events could then be combined into an Audio Part for convenience.

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I’ll try this!