Looking at the free .1 update of logic 10


And Im thinking: wow! What a great .1 update… (Thats how updates should be… Even up to .1 , like .07 updates were phenomenal)
Makes me wonder what. .5 update looks like over at the logic camp,…

Looking for the free .next update of Cubase.

I mean, this is a Steinberg forum, no?

yeah, we’re all jelly :stuck_out_tongue: its ok…

+1 and many (mainly) PC users here.

I’m also a pc user…

Im still impressed by logics updates… (in comparison to our updates so to speak)

Edit: And, obviously cubase is my daw of choice… Hence the motivationals;)

(We need a love smiley)

what a list !!! takes 1 month only writing it :wink: