Looking for a Cubase sound effect expert


I once posted a question about this before, but no one has replied and I tried on my own several hours to work it out but I’m still stuck… Basically I want to create a particular Reverb sound effect that converts an original music file’s sound:

<Original Music Sound (flac file)>

… into this one:

<Recorded from my Samsung MP3 player’s ‘Cathedral’ effect>

And the closest Cubase setting (Reverb RoomWork SE) I could get was this:

Which gives this sound:

But this converted sound is not the same as the recorded sound (Cathedral effect) above.

This is very important to me and if anyone could find out the Cubase sound effect setting that can convert the above original sound into exactly the same version as the recorded one above (Cathedral effect) such that I can’t distinguish between the recorded and converted sound by hearing, I’d be more than glad to pay $200 for that by Paypal. I would really appreciate anyone’s help.


Can you use other Reverb plug-in? Like REVerence? Then you could prepare short noise sound. Apply the Samsung Reverb on it. And use this processed sound as a source (IR) file for REVerence.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the comment. I had made a Python program that does something similar to REVerence. I played an impulse sound file from my MP3 player with the Reverb mode and then convoluted it with my target music files. But such convoluted sound doesn’t give the same quality sound as the one directly played by the MP3 player- the sound is slightly fainter. I think the reason is because when I record the played impulse file there is loss of data due to hardware. So I think the only safe (i.e., lossless) way is to find the actual Cubase setting that creates the same effect and then apply it to target music files…


I’m not sure you can find exactly the same setup. Every Reverb vendor sounds a bit different.