Looking for a Cubase VST 5 PDF file

Looking for PDF or Link to PDF RE: Cubase VST 5 “Vst Instruments Getting into the details”
any directional aid is appreciated.

You can download the full VST5 installer as iso file at Steinberg:



No need to install it, just open the iso and check the documentation section. There’s a 23 page VST instruments.pdf included.

No need to go into an .ISOs. The PDF is directly on the server:
ftp://ftp.steinberg.de/Archives/Cubase_VST/Documentation/Eng/Getting into the Details.pdf

Unfortunaterly linking it doesn’t seem to work here.
If you are on PC you can copy&paste the entire line into the address bar of the Windows Explorer. Or just use
and look for the PDF yourself.

This is the manual which contains only a overview of the instruments. If there is also the VST instruments.pdf on the ftp server I don’t know since none of my browsers open ftp anymore and I dont wanna install a tool just for this.

But probably it is, so this might be the easier way…

Seriously, paste it right here:

No need for a browser or extra software. Just the Explorer.
If you are on Mac it might work in the Finder as well.

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