Looking for a faster workflow for editing long Voiceovers

I have this project where I’m recording around 80hrs of voiceovers (something similar to an audiobook) and I was looking for some workflow tips to speed up the process of editing. One of the talents I’m working with, stumbles quite a bit with his lines, and the client wants all the mistakes edited out.

I tried using markers while recording, but it didn’t really work for me. Also, editing during recording ended up being too slow. So, now I just listen back to the whole track and edit one mistake at a time.

I worked out a macro which functions like ripple editing, so once I select the problematic range, it cuts time, selects following events and markers and shifts them up. Just cutting time didn’t move the scene markers.

I was wondering if there is a way to select multiple ranges…basically highlighting the problems while I’m listening and cutting and closing the gaps? Any ideas?

Unfortunately, I’m not getting paid for the editing, so I’m trying to figure out the fastest edit workflow. I also tried transcribing audio to text and editing via Spectralayers/RX/Resolve, hoping it would work something like Descript, but apparently they don’t work like that.

My wife does audiobook and voiceovers and prefers Reaper which seems to have everything you need…
previously she used hindunburg, but having lost some long recordings due to stability issue and so moved to reaper… Coming from Sequoia I prefer wavelab though Nuendo does have some incredible tools such as AI-powered Dialogue Detection so try useing it with delete time function. Though I admit Nuendo is an overkill for audiobook and voiceovers if thats all that you do.

After over 30 years of doing this (but not anymore :slightly_smiling_face:) the one thing I did learn was edit while it’s being recorded. Doing it after takes twice as long. In your case add approximately 80 hours of extra work. My 2 cents.

I also use Reaper for this. Way better for that task.

I have previously used Reaper for about 4 years around 2010. As others have suggested, I will checkout Reaper as it seems like you can edit the audio as you record.

Have you managed something similar in Nuendo? What did you mean by edit while it is being recorded?

Any tips and tricks to checkout in Reaper? I checked out some ripple edit and edit while recording videos.

Not sure if you already know this that you can enable markers to move along with ripple edit by enabling ‘ripple edit all tracks’ in the option menu.in reaper.
Also option +shift +M will add marker to clip/item which you can name, shift color. You can also add clip effects to eq match to the previous take in case your voice has slightly changed.
Another handy thing is that you can organise, make tracks invisible , etc. . Using the track manager. My wife also uses compression and gate as well as waves MV2. Locut filter, Gate, EQ, MV2, and EQ, thats her plugin chain.
Check the screen shots for track management, and sharing the chart from Film and Documentary workshop I gave at the Film festival.

I know this is not super helpful after the fact, but marking a script if available during recording saves a ton of time when editing. If you are doing a straight record rather than a punch record to fix all mistakes, if you mark with a line next to each sentence that is restarted (multiple lines for multiple restarts), when editing, you will visually be able to see where to cut, rather than having to listen to a whole paragraph just to find a stumble/restart of the paragraph, wasting time.

Otherwise, I’m not sure there would be a quicker way to do this in any DAW, considering the time you will have to take to find all of the mistakes to begin with, whether marking them or manually removing them. It’d be different if there were no mistakes and you were just cleaning up/pacing the audio, but I can’t imagine there being a quicker way to to find mistakes across DAWs.

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Drop a marker with a key command during recording. Tweak your strip silence settings to auto clean it.
For rendering multiple clips make regions then use the render matrix

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I don’t know about the markers, but for the correction, personally, I take a clip and turn it into a stand-alone file, then send it to Wavelab pro. It’s fantastic. You can easily increase or decrease a syllable, or even gently stretch it -2 to 8-10% max. - to improve pronunciation (it automatically lengthens the file without any problem). Then there’s a “to Nuendo” button that replaces your clip. Very effective. Especially since Nuendo’s gain clip is a dud.

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Yep, quite familiar with Reaper’s ripple edit. Razor tool was a new one for me, since I left Reaper about 10yrs ago.

This workflow is just for this one project and other than editing out the spoken mistakes/word stumbles, I can’t edit any further based on the client’s instructions. My Nuendo macro works like ‘ripple edit all tracks’.

The only advantage I’m seeing with Reaper currently, which I can’t replicate in Nuendo is the ability for the razor tool to select multiple regions (have ripple edit on) and then delete…which closes all the gaps as well and the ability to edit while recording using custom actions.

Currently, we are about 2000 lines in and I have markers for every 10 lines. I couldn’t figure out how to export that to Reaper, so that the new marker ID’s start from 201. I imported the Nuendo CSV, but the marker ID’s don’t seem to show up in Reaper.

Guess, I’ll stick to Nuendo for this one. Coming back to Reaper, it seems so snappy to jump to different sections during playback.

I tried punch and record, but it slowed us down quite a bit and the talents charge by the hour. While, I’m not being paid for the editing, I’d rather not slow down and end up paying the talents more.

The client initially mentioned editing wasn’t required, but I can understand when a talent stumbles a lot, it’s not something they want to deal with. No issues with the other talents.