Looking for a filter vst...


This pops up every so often and I havent found the golden ticket yet…
Maybe you know of a simple filter like the ones on dj mixers n software…

One knob (max 2 for resonance) centered is bypass state. Move knob left, low pass filter action. Move same knob right, highpass filter function…

Preferably vst 3 64 bit…

But thats it, a simple two knobs max. dj filter vst…

(Waves one knob could have won it, but the were lazy and only released a lowpass :/)


maybe dunno

Isn’t the Cubase dualfilter exactly that?

Hey gang and thx for your help so far.:slight_smile:

1: no cigar
2. close, but dual filter cant be used in other systems than cubase - also, dual filter has no “clean” response in “zero” position. The filter should be neutral or clean in 0 position… Not useable, sadly… (Also it doesnt go low or high enough;) )

Anybody else know of one?

Thought Edit: i cant believe that out of the whole plethora of fx n plugs we have at our fingertips, not one has made this important fx… Sure, theres filters out there, they will modulate, step sequence, and twist your sound in many fancy “Creative” ways… They will have dozens of knobs, faders, virtual cables, presets by “superpeople” and more… But if you need a simplified, well known and well used fx in a most basic interface, sherlock cant help:p this fx should only need 1 knob… (Plus a resonance;) and the presets could/should be different filter models named something like:
-Sir Ratto (Rain)

  • Vee de Jay
  • Xtwo 4d
    ( but thats just icing )

It should be excellent quality and low in its cpu footprint, allowing one on nearly every channel and group.


Well, Cubase has a so called “DJ EQ” which is very basic.
But there aren’t any knobs. You can boost and cut the three bands,
but cannot even change the frequencies or Q-factor.

Check out the TAL Filter…
The picture kinda fits your description.

Yah, i know dj eq… Not what im after for this tho…
Talfilter allows you to choose between high/low/bandpass…
The one i am looking for is a blend of high/lowpass with a neutral center position…

Thx for any pointers:)

Ummm… Try Steinberg-Yamaha Vintage Wah and use it w/o modulation?
Reall don’t know any plugin like this. There are a lot of big one-knob filters
like Sonalksis Creative Filter. But the ones I know all have buttons for lp/bp/hp.

Maybe you can build your own using Reaktor? :smiley:

Beware of the betabugs. I had them a while back and one of the plugs which name escapes me had random issues with noise bursts.

i remember the Crayon Filter caused a problem in some way, but the Bugpass is ok .

anybody? :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite is Philta XL from Vengeance Sound.
Its 4 knobs though, but easy as ever.
2 knobs for low pass and high pass and 2 knobs for resonance/width (one for each pass).
You can link them so you only need to use 1 knob for e.g. Bandpass.

It has a lot of other functions such as LFO and Distortion, but as a filter it is perfect.

Check out “The Drop” by Cytomic. Sounds pretty tasty…

It has slightly more than 2 knobs though…

Thx for your tips guys)

The reasoning behind having only one knob is so that i can place X filters on X channels and use them in a more improvisational/ergonomic setting… (Saves controller real estate , better in a live scenario, fun, etcetcetc;))
(Knob 1-8 on controller -> filter on track 1-8)
one knob controls LO/HI combi with a neutral centerpoint.

  • and a reset button;)