Looking for a good bass guitar plug in and Timps

Hi Guys - I am looking for a realistic bass guitar plug VST plug in - thinking of the Steinberg Virtual Bassist - anyone out there tried this? I have the Halion Bass sounds but they lack balls. I am also looking for Timpany drums - anyone know where I can get them from? Also why oh why didnt Groove Agent 3 put a Bo Diddley groove in the collection!! :confused: :smiley:
Thanks Guys.

wilma: Are we talking Cubase 6 - Cubase Le4 – or :question:
Cubase 6 has some pretty good Bass guitar plugins.
Timpany Drums – hummmm - I have a Roland card that has them
for my Roland U-220. I suppose I could import them as audio files - then drag them onto seperate pads
of Groove Agent 1. :wink:


I just made a loop of this in 3 minutes. Should be easy to do. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Does HSO not have Timps?


Cubase 6 – Halion Sonic se – GM 048 Timpini – I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley:

I don’t have it, but for bass, I have heard that Trillian is awesome. It has many different types of basses with many articulations. I have the Scarbee MM Bass that comes with Komplete and I like it. The details are nice, but it is only that one bass. I like the basses in Halion Sonic SE but they lack details like articulations, and the ability to select strings, etc.