Looking for a way to slow down the audio but keep same pitch?

I am trying to slow down some audio from a synth but keep it the same pitch. So far I can’t find a plugin to do this, or any method within Cubase that I am aware of.
The problem simply stretching it is that it will be difficult to get the pitch back to where it was exactly. Or?
Basically I want to simulate an instrument going through a sampler. I also thought that maybe if I slice every note and process each individually?


What you’re looking for is called Time Stretch.
Here are some topics from the Cubase 12 Pro User Manual that might be of interest.

In addition, I’m sure there are plenty of YouTube videos that showcases different ways of using time stretch if you search around.

I do it setting the tempo to a high value, change the track to musical mode and changing the tempo in ramp mode.
Something like this, may be.