Looking For Absolute Beginners Tutorials/Courses

Hi All,

I am looking for absolute beginners course for Cubase Elements 12. There is so much information available out there but not even one in a systematic, logical manner that makes sense to me who is an absolute beginner.

I am looking for :

  • how to record an instrument and use effects etc

  • how to use midi track, how to understand and map midi controller to cubase, how to modify the functionas mapping etc

  • what are the meaning of different types of tracks available in Cubase and how and why to use one?

  • Many more basic “what , how and Why” questions before actually doing the recording.

  • Is there a course for absolute beginners officially from Cubase?

Can anyone help? Please help. Appreciate a quick response on this.

Abhi, India.


I can recommend the official YouTube Steinberg - Cubase channel.