Looking for advice

Hello everyone, I have been using an m-audio delta 66 for ages now and the poor thing is as good as dead, is kinda fused with the motehrboard and I’m looking for a replacement with something “new” and affordable, and since I have been out of the loop with interfaces I’m having a hardtime deciding.

I’m looking at UR44 and 242, both has all I need but not sure if the 44 is to ovoerkill for my setup. I’ll try to explain what I’m lookng for posting some of my current specs, just mind I have some old stuff as I can’t keep up with buying new stuff that often.

I mainly use Cubase Artist 6, I record music for videogames, I record bass and guitars using a v-amp, specifically a Line6 pod x3, I do connect it to the delta 66 external box on two inputs, got also two m-audio monitors pre amped, model bx-8a plugged on the first 2 outputs. Got also a bottom of the barrel Edirol midi keyboard, I do use it via usb, but wouldn’t mind to use a midi input.

Thats pretty much it I do have also a Tascam recorder but thats via usb anyway, all I really need is 2 ins and 2 outs and a good latency. For this simpel setup going with a ur44 would be just waste of money? I can grab a 242 right now new for 160 bucks or the ur44 for 270 euro.

If you need more info, feel free to ask and thanks for your time.